Major Changes are Coming to Facebook

Major Changes are Coming to Facebook

Facebook has been exploring a more feedback-driven news feed. The platform aims to give its user a better personal experience. First, it explained how the news feed work. It also enabled more news feed controls. Last February, the news feed was renamed “feed.” Today, major changes are coming to Facebook.

Facebook is considering AI-recommended content on its feed. The AI recommendation will be based on engagement and popularity. Tom Alison, Meta’s VP for the Facebook App, revealed the plan in an interview with The Verge. Instead of prioritizing posts from accounts that a user followed, Facebook will start recommending popular posts on a user’s feed regardless of the source. As such, the main tab will then become a discovery engine of Reels and Stories. There is also a plan to put Facebook and Messenger back together.

Major changes are coming to Facebook as of 15 June 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The major changes coming to Facebook are a clear imitation of TikTok feeds. For marketers, the shift aims to highlight more interesting content, giving brands the opportunity to boost engagements and sales on Reels and Stories.


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