Facebook Removes 20% Text in Image Rule

Here’s an important update for advertisers. Facebook removes the 20% text in image rule. Back on 15 January 2013, Facebook restricted text on ads, cover photos, promoted posts, and sponsored stories not to exceed 20%. It’s because the platform thinks that having more text makes such kinds of post spammy. To adhere to the guideline, advertisers are using a 5×5 grid. Facebook ads with texts covering more than 5 of the grids will not be allowed to run. 

Facebook Removes 20% Text in Image Rule

New Ad Categories Based on Text Density

Facebook now removes the 5×5 grid. Soon, they’ll be introducing a new overlay tool. Ads will no longer be rejected based on text density. Instead, they’ll be labeled into 4 categories:

  • OK – ads with little or no text. This is Facebook’s preferred category.
  • Low – ads with a small amount of text.
  • Medium – ads with more text placed in several locations.
  • High – ads with too much obscuring the image.

The categories affect the visibility of the ads even though not rejected. Should advertisers want to increase ad visibility, they need to pay more for ads with a higher amount of texts. 

Facebook removes the 20% text in image rule effective 22 September 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook believes that ads following the 20% text in image rule perform better. For marketers, this has long been a challenge in ads reformatting. There are also cases when the rule enforcement is confusing. So, the update is somewhat a relief. Marketers who want to put important text information on ads can now do so. But they have to be prepared to pay a higher cost. What’s important is not to forget to put CTAs on your ads. “Free” and “limited” CTA have proven to attract attention. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebooks-removing-its-restrictions-on-text-content-in-facebook-ad-images/585705/


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