Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm

Today, more people are getting news content from Facebook. Many local news outlets were forced to close. So, it’s no wonder that users turn to social media platforms for the latest news. This was backed up by a Pew Research. It shows that 68% of Americans get news content from online sources. Facebook is a leading source. As such, Facebook updates its news feed algorithm. The updates on the news feed algorithm focus on two elements:  

  • Original News Content
  • Transparent Authorship
Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm

Original News Content

Facebook will now rank showing original news content on its news feeds. These includes:

  • a breaking news story;
  • broadcasted eyewitness reports;
  • critical and timely crisis updates;
  • in-depth investigative reports;
  • uncovered news data and facts.

The platform’s AI will look at groups of articles for a particular topic. From there, it will identify the one most cited as the original source. The original source will then be ranked on news feed displays. It’ll surely get more reach among Facebook users. This algorithm starts with news on the English language. And they’ll do the same for other languages in the future.

Transparent Authorship

Facebook found out that publishers who never include credentials on their content normally post ad farms or click baits. This content often lacks credibility and Facebook users don’t want to see them. So, the platform will be demoting such content. They will rank content published with:

  • By-lines – the first name and last name of the reporter
  • Masthead – information about the editor or editorial staff

This move aims to promote editorial transparency. It’s a professional standard supported by media global experts.

Besides these two major updates, Facebook issues a guide to news publishers.

Facebook updates its news feed algorithm effective 30 June 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The updates on Facebook news feed algorithm aims to provide credible and informational news feeds. Marketers can use this to increase brand awareness. Show the audience that you’re a credible and dedicated source. Aim to produce creative news content by thinking harder and better. Focus more on what the audience cares about. As you harness the power of news feed to build a community, don’t be shy to highlight your brand.

Reference: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/06/prioritizing-original-news-reporting-on-facebook/

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