Facebook Offers Free Training in Building a Community

Facebook’s “Summer of Support” is now on its last week. It aims to help online businesses with free insights and tools. This week, Facebook offers free training in building a community.

Last 24 June 2020, Facebook launched its Summer of Support. This is a 6-week free training for online businesses. Every week, the program covers different topics including:

  • 24 June to 28 June 2020 – The Changing World
  • 9 June to 05 July 2020 – Resilience
  • 06 July to 12 July 2020 – Reinvention
  • 13 July to 22 July 2020 – Re-Emergence
  • 23 July to 26 July 2020 – Customer and Commerce
  • 27 July to 31 July 2020 – Community

This week is the last of the series, which focuses on building a community. It includes two training videos about:

  • How to use Facebook Groups to build a customer community.
  • Optimizing the features of Messenger to drive brand awareness, gain customers, and better connect with them.

It also has three featured videos providing best practices and tips in creating an engaged business community:

  • Paying it Forward by Carolyn Everson. She is Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions. Here, she discusses the importance of giving back to the community.
  • Ballet After Dark by its founder Tyde-Courtney Edwards. Tyde relates how she uses Facebook and Instagram to introduce her healing works to a larger community.
  • Zeus’ Place by its owner Michelle Ingram. Zeus’ Place is a pet care and grooming shop. In the video, Michelle shares how she uses creativity to create short video content. These videos increase her bookings and traffic on Facebook and Instagram.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers can learn good lessons on Facebook’s free training in building a community. The last two featured videos give helpful guidance on maximizing Facebook and Instagram marketing. They can help improve one’s marketing approach. As such, there’s no harm taking this free online course. Marketers just need to find time to learn. But it’s worth it.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/summer-of-support-business-community/#

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