Facebook Launches Unpaid Promotion Tags, Hashtags, and Stickers

On 11 May 2020, Facebook launched unpaid promotion tags, stickers, and hashtags. This is to support businesses from the ongoing crisis. COVID-19 pandemic poses a big challenge to businesses. As most of them remain closed, social media serves as their point of contact with the world. 

Facebook Launches Unpaid Promotion Tags, Hashtags, and Stickers
  1. Facebook adds unpaid promotion tags

    Facebook adds unpaid promotion tags or “in support of” tag in the Post Composer. Creators should choose “Tag Unpaid Promotion” to use the tag. The business will then receive the same information as a branded content post. There’ll be no exchange of values on the unpaid promotion tags. But it will not replace branded content tags. Facebook also promotes #SupportSmallBusiness for people to discover small businesses in its main app. Such hashtag makes a brand’s post more searchable in the platform. On Instagram, Facebook releases the “Support Small Business” sticker.  Businesses mentioned in the sticker can repost the content or message Instagrammers tagged on the post. They can also use it to tag other businesses. 

  2. <strong>Implications for Marketers:</strong>

    Marketers get new promotional options with these new updates on Facebook and Instagram. An “In Support Tag” exposes a business to a wider Facebook audience. The use of #SupportSmallBusiness and Instagram’s “Support Small Business” sticker are other ways y to showcase a brand. It’ll get more users interested to check them out. Thus, marketers should consider calling for creators to add the tag. They can also call out influencers and their existing audience in using the hashtag and stickers to promote their products and services. 

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/helping-people-and-businesses-find-their-online-main-street#

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