Facebook Features New Motion Effects for Photos

Just like Google, Facebook features new motion effects for photos. Such effects are on the experimental stage like Google’s images conversion tool to short videos called URL2Video. This can be a milestone for Facebook’s Reality Labs, the platform’s AR/VR team.

In Matt Navarra’s tweet, two visual effects options are available in newsfeed images. 

  • Layouts allow users to convert images into banners, columns, or frames.
  • Motion allows users to focus or zoom images like a video with either a flash, highlight, or slide effect. 

Back in 14 July 2020, Facebook rolled out the layout effect as a new way to showcase multiple images. While the motion effect can be a forerunner of the animation and 3D technique on Stories. 

Facebook features new motion effects for photos as of 05 November 2020. There’s no official announcement yet from Facebook on when the motion option will be available to all users.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s new motion effects is a great way to engage users with moving content. Marketers should watch out for this opportunity to liven up ad campaigns. With videos being the best performing content on the platform, this new motion effect can be a perfect marketing tool.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-tests-new-options-to-add-motion-effects-to-still-images-in-feed/588505/


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