Facebook Announces Redesigned Ad Preferences

We’ve seen Facebook’s effort in simplifying its advertising tools. The platform rolled out a new Page design last 23 July 2020. It also added Page Inbox in Messenger on 09 June 2020. Today, Facebook announces redesigned Ad Preferences.

The announcement was made by Rob Leathern, Facebook’s Director of Product Management. On his Twitter post, he showed a redesigned ad preferences with three tabs:

  • Advertisers. This tab displays insights about the ads you’ve been shown. It also shows ideas about specific advertisers.
  • Add Topics. Displays suggested topics with choices to opt-in and out on those topics.
  • Data. It helps manage data used by Facebook to show your ads. It also gives choices to add and remove considerations on the list.

Rob also clarifies that all functions will remain the same. The redesigned ad preferences just simplify the listings into three categories. Such development will be launched in the next few months.

Facebook announces redesigned Ad Preferences on 18 August 2020.

Implication for Marketers:

Facebook’s redesigned Ad Preferences adopts a simpler design. It provides more control and data in updating your ad preferences. For marketers, the three tabs can help assess your ads and the topics associated with these ads. This is an excellent tool to segment your target audience based on their interests.

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