Facebook Rolls Out a New Page Test Design on Mobile Apps

Facebook rolls out a new page test design on mobile apps. It’s now easier to see how many people follow a Facebook Page. A major change in the new page design is the removal of the like button. Before, a like button appears at the upper right-hand corner of a Facebook Page. Once a user clicked it, he/she automatically follows the Page. The rollout now shows a clickable follow button instead.

Facebook Rolls Out a New Page Test Design on Mobile Apps

Last 11 June 2020, Facebook updated how new ads work. Based on the new algorithms, the change of a Page design reflects its true reach. Users can like a page and unfollow them when they’re no longer interested in a Page’s offering. With the new design, Page owners have an accurate count of how many users are receiving their updates. As such, they can better connect with people browsing their news feeds.

An updated “Edit Access” button allows Page owners to customize specific task per admin. They can also get insights directly from the page or post itself. Last, Facebook will group related data on posts. This means receiving fewer but more important notifications.

Facebook rolls out the New Page Test Design to selected public figures and pages effective 23 July 2020. Over time, Facebook is looking forward to broadening the test.

Implication for Marketers:

Facebook’s Page new test design is clear evidence of the platform’s Sisyphean effort to make Pages more appealing to users. This can help users view Page information easier. The same effect goes to Page owners and admins. In doing so, marketers can better focus on how they can strengthen their Facebook marketing strategy. 

References: https://techcrunch.com/2020/07/22/facebook-tests-a-new-page-design-with-a-cleaner-layout-and-no-more-like-button/

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