Facebook Adds “Watch Together” in Messenger

Facebook has seen the importance of video connections in recent months. Social distancing protocols have resulted in 150 million video calls and 200 million videos sent on Messenger. With these rising demands, Facebook consistently updates Messenger. Last 24 April 2020, it launched Messenger Rooms. They linked it to group chats and events on 13 May 2020. To further maximize the feature, Facebook links Messenger rooms on Instagram on 22 May 2020. Then, starting 23 July 2020, users can go live on Facebook through Messenger Rooms. Lately, Facebook adds “Watch Together” in Messenger.

Facebook Adds “Watch Together” in Messenger

The update allows users to host a watch party on Messenger Rooms or via video calls. Such a watch party can accommodate up to 50 participants.  Family and friends can use “Watch Together” in live events, nostalgic movies, viral videos, and more. It makes people feel closer together despite the physical distance. “Watch Together” is also a great tool for a product launch, Q & A, and virtual training. All one needs to do is start a Messenger Call, swipe up, and choose to “Watch Together.”

Facebook adds “Watch Together” in Messenger as of 14 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

“Watch Together” is a boost on Facebook Watch. It’s a different approach to social viewing. This further allows Facebook users to connect in a more meaningful way. For marketers, “Watch Together” is an option to connect with a brand’s followers in real-time. It can be a new channel for influencers to highlight the brand. It can also be a fun way to do a product launch. Any which way, marketers should consider creative ways to plan in “Watch Together.”  

Reference: https://messengernews.fb.com/2020/09/14/feel-together-messenger-introduces-watch-together/


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