4 Types of Twitter Lists Every Social Media Manager Needs

Social managers need to stay connected with events and trends on Twitter. Twitter Lists are handy tools for such a need. It allows users to save the accounts they want to follow or watch on a certain group. This feature was introduced by Twitter on 07 November 2019. On 26 June 2019, the platform enabled swipeable lists. Last 19 June 2020, new options were rolled out to create, discover, follow, and Tweet a list. Recently, Twitter publishes the 4 types of Twitter lists every social media manager needs.

According to Twitter, the following lists are a must for social media managers:

  • Curated Competitor Twitter List. This is a simple and effective way to be updated with your competitors and the industry.  
  • Twitter All-Stars. A list that can stir up inspiration. It’s also a way to spot opportunities on the latest trends.
  • Dedicated Peer List. This list keeps you updated with your business partners or close networks. It can also provide extra insights on industry trends. 
  • Social Media News List. Such real-time content gives social managers an edge on the latest events and developments.  

Twitter publishes the 4 types of Twitter lists every social media manager needs on 26 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter Lists organize and sort the accounts you follow or watch on Twitter. These allow marketers to learn more from others every day. A curated competitors list helps one observe the engagement levels of Tweets that resonates. An all-star list helps you discover evolving approaches. Keeping a dedicated peer list keeps one updated with cross-promotional opportunities. While social media news makes one stay on top of everything by knowing the ever-changing landscape. All these lists provide great points to redefine your marketing strategy.

Reference: https://business.twitter.com/en/blog/must-have-twitter-lists.html


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