Facebook Announces a New Messenger Look

Today Facebook announces a new Messenger look. Before this new look, the platform rolled out many updates on Messenger. On 24 April 2020, Messenger Rooms or joinable video calls were launched. This was then linked to Instagram after a month. Go Live, Page Inbox, and Screen sharing were also added to the messaging app. The latest was the integration of Messenger to Instagram Direct. 

Facebook Announces a New Messenger Look

The new Messenger look displays a colorful logo. It represents the future of messaging. Facebook aims to make it more fun and united. The new Messenger looks also features:

  • New Chat Themes
  • Colors
  • Emojis
  • Personalized Stickers
  • Vanishing Mode

Facebook also highlights that you can now easily connect to FB and IG brands directly from Messenger. 

Facebook announces a new Messenger look on 13 October 2020.


The new Messenger look is a clear signal that Facebook focuses on integrating its family of apps. As the platform wants to make messaging fun and united, it can be a good market opportunity. It may somewhat be limited today, but marketers should watch out and plan for new strategies. Consider developing chatbots, conversational marketing, and mobile payments. With 10 million people using Messenger every day, marketing on Messenger can be worth it.

資料來源:: https://messengernews.fb.com/2020/10/13/the-future-of-messaging-is-now/

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