Facebook Expands Screen-Sharing to Messenger App

To cater to the rising needs of online collaboration and connections, Facebook expands scree-sharing to the Messenger app. Last 02 April 2020, Facebook added the screen-sharing function on Messenger desktop and web applications. Today, they are expanding it to mobile android and iOs apps.

Facebook Expands Screen-Sharing to Messenger App

Screen-sharing allows users to instantly share their screens during one-on-one or group video calls. They can now do this using a mobile device. A host can share a live view of the screen for up to 16 people in a Messenger Room. Just drag the bottom panel in a Messenger video call. A “Share your screen” option will show up. Such a function allows better connections with users even when physically apart. Soon, Facebook will update the function with the ability to control who can share the screen in Messenger Rooms.

Facebook expands screen-sharing to Messenger App effective 16 July 2020.


Screen-sharing is a great way to better connect with family and friends during a video call. Sharing a live screen during the call makes others feel their physical presence during a loved one’s important life event.

For marketers, this is an added option to connect with the target audience. It can be a new way to provide guidance on how to use a product or avail of an online service.  For loyal clients, it may also be a way to launch an exclusive product or service launch. As such, it can increase conversion and brand loyalty.

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