YouTube Evolves FameBit to BrandConnect

YouTube has been connecting brands and creators since 2007. One of its missions is freedom of opportunity. As such, it helps brands succeed by finding creators to help them tell their video stories. This led to the launch of FameBit in 2016. And today, Youtube evolves FameBit to BrandConnect.

YouTube Evolves FameBit to BrandConnect

Over 90% of YouTube users discover new products and services on the platform. No wonder, its because YouTube continuously helps brands and creators to collaborate easily. In December 2007, it launched the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). YPP enables creators to monetize their uploads. On 11 October 2016, YouTube launched FameBit. It’s a content studio where brands can hire creators to create videos for their campaigns. Today, YouTube renames it to BrandConnect. It’ll also tap Google data to further enhance content creation.

With FameBit, brands will post a campaign, and creators will bid by sending proposals. But with BrandConnect, a matchmaking tool will automatically do the selection. Innovation tools like app shelf, shopping shelf, and  AR-try on are also added to the Creator Studio. For brands, YouTube added new insights. Brand Interest shows a video audience search behavior. Influencer Lift measures brand recall, buying intent, and more.  Thus, brands can now measure the ROI of influencer marketing.

BrandConnect is available to eligible users in the United States as of 16 June 2020. The eligible creators are those with 25,000+ subscribers.

Implications for Marketers:

BrandConnect is the first platform to measure the ROI of influencer marketing.  Tapping it to Google data strengthens its video creation’s SEO. For marketers, BrandConnect can help brands build awareness and increase traffic. It’s an easy way to diversify a video marketing strategy.  Take advantage of sparking video shares by embedding it with blog content. Such is an opportunity to reach the audience around the globe.  


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