Twitter Tests Alt-Text Reminders to Images

Twitter Tests Alt-Text Reminders to Images

Every social media platform has two major concerns. The first is SEO, and the other one is inclusion. For visuals, Twitter added an extra alt-text menu last 2016 to allow users to add photo and video descriptions. Last June 2020, the platform enabled a dedicated alt-text button, where users can directly see the “+ALT” indicator during a visual upload. Today, Twitter tests alt-text reminders to images.

Twitter Tests Alt-Text Reminders to Images

Twitter’s alt-text reminders to images show that it is now a requirement to add a written description about the image and why it is important or relevant. The reminder will pop up before the photo can be uploaded. Twitter’s alt-text allows users to add detailed text of up to 420 characters. The update will roll out to a small number of Android, iOS, and web users.

Twitter tests alt-text reminders to images on 13 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter’s alt-text reminders for images can help blind and low-vision users to better understand a visual tweet. Marketers can broaden engagement and reach through visual ads and campaigns with Twitter alt-text.


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