Twitter Expands Test on Downvotes

Twitter Expands Test on Downvotes

Twitter wants to get more insights into what the Twitter nation likes and dislikes. As YouTube made dislike counts private, the platform started testing upvotes and downvotes. Today, Twitter expands the test on downvotes.

Twitter downvotes

Downvotes show as a down arrow icon on a tweet response. But, like YouTube, downvote counts are private, while upvotes are shown as likes. As Twitter expands test on downvotes, more users will see them on the web and soon on Android and iOS apps.

Twitter expands test on downvotes as of 04 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter downvotes can help marketers understand what their target audiences do not like. As such, it can guide them to create more ads and campaigns patterned to the preference of the Twitter nation.


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