Twitter Enables Sign In Using Apple and Google Accounts

Twitter Enables Sign-In Using Apple and Google Accounts

We’ve got another major update on Twitter’s functionality. Last year, the platform rolled out facial recognition or thumbprint physical security key. This was followed by multiple security keys such as passcode and touch ID. Recently, FIDO and WebAuthn handled two-factor authentication for secure payments. Today, Twitter enables sign-in using Apple and Google accounts.

The app version of the sign in screen with a “Continue with Google” button, a “Continue with Apple” button, and a “Create account” button. A link to “Log in” is below that.

Starting today, Twitter users can now sign in using an Apple or Google account. Anybody can sign in with ease and scroll tweets via their Google account on both Twitter app and web versions. While others can use their Apple ID via Twitter for iOS. Soon, they can also log in on the web. 

To enable Twitter to sign in using an Apple or Google Account, you first need to update with the latest version of Twitter. Afterward, log out entirely on your Twitter account. Once you sign in, you will now see the option to use an Apple or Google account. The account you should use should have the same email as your Twitter profile. 

Twitter enables sign-in using Apple and Google accounts on 02 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s Apple and Google account sign-in makes it easier for users to avoid a long string of passwords. For marketers, this is an added convenience when using multiple devices to update Twitter ads and campaigns. 


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