Social Selling: Why You Should Care and How to Do It Right?

When Covid-19 hit the world, social media was already a part of our life. But its implication with us has been greatly increased by the pandemic and its consequential digitization.

Last 11 November 2021, #LocFromHome powered by Smartcat went on air for the #GlobalLocLunchDay Conference. It featured a panel discussion about:

Social Selling: Why You Should Care and How to Do It Right?

Yuka Nakasone, Chief Strategist at Global Bridge moderated the discussion with the segment guests including:

  • Bernie Wong, Founder of Social Stand
  • Lahcène Guerrouj, Manager for Content Marketing Strategy EMEA Salesforce
  • Tim Hughes, CEO & Co-Founder of DLA Ignite

Learn some smart social selling tricks straight from the source on the said panel discussion such as:

  • the right way of using social media as a selling mechanism
  • how different platforms are used in different parts of the world
  • why you can’t use the same social selling strategy on different platforms but not because of the language or cultural differences.

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