Pinterest Introduces New Safety Tools for Young Users

Pinterest has unveiled new safety tools aimed at providing increased protection for younger users on the platform. This move aligns with the platform’s commitment to creating a secure and positive environment for all users.

The introduced features include “Always-on” Safe Search, which automatically activates safe search mode for users under 18. Additionally, the platform will limit ad targeting options for users under 18 to reduce potential exposure to age-inappropriate content.

Pinterest Introduces New Safety Tools for Young Users

Pinterest’s focus on creating a safer experience for younger users responds to concerns about their online well-being. By implementing stricter safety measures, the platform aims to mitigate potential exposure to sensitive or harmful content.

As platforms increasingly prioritize user safety, Pinterest’s latest safety enhancements exemplify the ongoing industry trend. Striking a balance between engaging content and ensuring user well-being will continue to be a critical consideration for marketers across all age groups.

Pinterest introduces new Safety Tools for young users on 21 August 2023.

Implication for Marketers:

Marketers must adapt to Pinterest’s new safety tools designed to protect younger users. Stricter ad targeting and safe search settings require content alignment with age-appropriate guidelines. This offers an opportunity for brands to contribute to a safer online environment, building trust with users and parents alike while ensuring responsible advertising practices.


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