Facebook Media Tips on Maximizing Live Producer

Facebook launched a video series on product development last 05 August 2020. The first one talks about the Creator Studio app. On 12 August 2020, they talked about best practices on Live Streaming. On the third leg of the series, Facebook Media provides tips on maximizing Live Producer

Facebook Media Tips on Maximizing Live Producer

The video is again hosted by Jeff Birkeland, Facebook’s Head of Creator & Publisher Experience. While Randall Bennett, a Partner Engineer at Facebook’s Video Production Team, provides tips. Randall notes that Live Producer is a tool to maximize live broadcast on Facebook. It uses high-end equipment and quality camera for better live streaming. Among the useful features of Live Producer are:

  • Clippings and Trimmings enable broadcasters to create smaller video clips from the live stream. This gives late viewers a chance to catch up on what they missed. 
  • Graphic Overlay is a dedicated tab for adding on-screen graphics during the live stream. Broadcasters can use this to inform viewers about your next topic. This can further facilitate conversation and engagement.
  • On-Screen Comment Moderation gives broadcasters the ability to control comments on their live stream. It helps them facilitate more meaningful conversations on their broadcast.

Using these tools, broadcasters can encourage ongoing viewership within the live stream.

Facebook Media posts its tips on maximizing Live Producer on 18 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Live Producer is an excellent tell for a cost-effective video marketing strategy on Facebook. It uses third-party camera tools that provide better video quality. This is important in professional streams. For marketers, Randall’s insights can help improve their marketing approach. Using graphic overlays to inform the viewers with your next topic encourages ongoing viewership. Eye-catching CTAs or pinned comments can facilitate further conversation. In using Live Producer tools, brands have a better chance of a successful live broadcast. 

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/fbmedia/videos/607227333310840/

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