Facebook Rolls Out New Broadcaster Tools

Nowadays, we have been seeing much engagement on live videos. Live streams increased by 50% since January. To match up the skills for such a demand, Facebook rolls out new broadcaster tools. This can help liven up the exploding Live stream.

Business and brands broadcast using Facebook Live Producer. This is where they set-up Live streams for their Pages. The new broadcaster tools added to this are:

Facebook Rolls Out New Broadcaster Tools

Graphic Overlays

Broadcasters can now upload on-screen graphics during a Live stream. A dedicated tab in the Live Producer allows adding different graphics overlay when broadcasting. Some options are:

  • a highlighted viewer’s comment on top of the stream;
  • a news ticker that goes alongside the broadcast;
  • a poll or survey that displays real-time results.

Featured Link

While doing a Live stream, a broadcaster can now display a link on-screen. The link may be the URL to view the live video on other platforms. You may not get everyone from Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. But it can encourage them or will be easier for them by providing the video link. Alternatively, you can also put an eCommerce link or CTA to drive conversion during the broadcast.

On-Screen Comments

Facebook Live Producer now allows to queue up viewer’s comments during a broadcast. As such, it would be easier to reply to the viewers in real-time. Every time a queued comment showed up, the broadcaster can respond to that comment.

 Facebook rolls out these new broadcaster tools for desktop streams starting 24 June 2020. They will be rolling it out to more users soon.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook Live streaming is a free opportunity to directly engage with followers and share a mission with new audiences. The new broadcaster tools are helpful tools that come in the perfect time. Marketers can further promote engagement and conversion using them.

With more people consuming Live streams, graphic overlays can be an eye-catcher. They also add a sense of professionalism to the broadcast. Putting CTAs on a featured link is another means to drive direct traffic. While queued comments make it easier to answer the audience’s concern in real-time.

Reference: https://twitter.com/MattNavarra/status/1275781156760358914

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