Facebook launches “Dynamic Ads for Streaming”

Today, streaming has become a popular type of content on Facebook. In 2020, the number of live streaming viewers on the platform climbed up to 2 billion. Even the daily watch time for videos quadrupled in just a year. As such, Facebook launches “Dynamic Ads for Streaming.”

Facebook launches “Dynamic Ads for Streaming”

Facebook dynamic ads use machine learning to scale ads of brands with a broad range of products. Through shop catalogs, such a feature automatically delivers relevant offerings among Facebook users based on their interests. Before, brands need to configure and promote each streaming title separately. As Facebook launches dynamic ads for streaming, they no longer need to do so. During a campaign setup, brands can add titles to the streaming content. From the said list, Facebook will showcase a range of relevant titles based on the users’ interests. This removes the burden of configuring each streaming content separately.

Facebook launches “Dynamic Ads for Streaming” on 05 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Dynamic ads for streaming are a great way to highlight a brand’s content library. For marketers, they can also be a great tool for retargeting. By showcasing relevant streaming titles among Facebook users, they can boost brand awareness and discovery. 

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/introducing-dynamic-ads-for-streaming-on-facebook#

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