Facebook Launched New Features and Updated Policies on Messenger

Facebook continues to release new updates based from their F8 announcements. The 29 August 2019 update features new tools and platform updates on Messenger, which aims to create a better user experience and business outcomes.

New Solutions for Developers and Businesses

Lead Generation

This feature initially started as a beta during Facebook’s F8. Facebook introduced a new ads template that can help businesses acquire more leads. To enhance lead nurturing, businesses can talk to their leads as they integrate them to their existing customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Appointment Booking

This tool enhances booking experiences by integrating a business’s booking software onto Messenger. Its integration enables it to input contact details and appointments. So far, this solution is available to select businesses and developers. It will roll out to others within the year. Facebook offers beta testing for those who are interested.

Improved Event Reporting

Facebook will provide a solution to help track and report conversions for businesses. Businesses will get the feature within the year.

Updated Policies to Improve Conversations Between Users and Brands

The social media platform declared that policies for enhanced quality of messages between users and/or businesses will further occur on 15 January 2020.

Revised Standard Messaging Window

Standard messaging is an approach wherein businesses can send a message through Messenger within 24 hours. When a user sends a message, businesses need to respond within 24 hours. Currently, businesses can send another message beyond the 24 hour window that is free and promotional.
Facebook is aware that users expect a quick reply from businesses. In turn, businesses get better outcomes when replying promptly. In aligning with user control, individuals can turn off, block, and mute businesses through Messenger. On the other hand, after the 24-hour window, businesses can use message tags and sponsored messages.

Message Tags

Message tags allow businesses to send personalized and important 1-on-1 messages to users beyond the 24-hour Standard Messaging window in certain cases.
The tool is getting an update for the following cases:

  • event reminders
  • account updates
  • post-purchases
  • human agent

A sponsored message is promotional content businesses can send to users who have sent them messages. This solution can help businesses to engage with its followers or customers once more through a targeted message.

Subscription Messaging Beta

Subscription messaging is a feature to send messages to subscribers beyond the 24-hour messaging window. Only news organizations can use this beta, since it’s aligned with Facebook policies. According to Facebook, this gives users and businesses a chance to communicate and interact.

Finding Businesses Through Messenger

Facebook announced that it will remove its Discover tab. As a result, the social media platform will use re-targeting tools (e.g. messenger links or web plug-ins) that will lead users to connect with businesses through Messenger. Businesses remain searchable on the search tool and ads, which increases brand awareness.
Facebook creates a seamless way to help businesses and users to connect and start conversations. It ensures that users receive prompt responses from businesses, while businesses can send promotional messages and target its users.

Implications for Marketers:

Brands can easily connect with its target audience on Messenger. The updated Messenger enhances engagement and conversations to increase brand awareness and lead acquisition. With integration of the brand’s CRM and appointment booking software, Messenger can help brands qualify leads or clients that marketers can target. The new updates on the messaging services can help marketers personalize messages that can help drive revenue and brand loyalty.

Source: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2019/08/29/messenger-launches-new-tools-to-drive-more-valuable-conversations-between-people-and-businesses/

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