Facebook Calls for Improved Social Media Regulations

A recent disclosure made by a former Facebook Product Manager puts the Social Network in hot water. As such, Facebook calls for improved social media regulations. In February 2020, the platform published a white paper pressing for online content governance. Shortly thereafter, it created an Oversight Board to independently render judgment on content appeals. As Facebook calls for improved social media regulations, it launches two new short video ads explaining how Facebook humanize their decision-making and pushing for governments to regulate the tech sector. 

The1st video features Rochelle Nadhiri, the Strategy Lead of the Facebook Privacy team. Rochelle notes the importance of federal legislation to guide social media platforms with a consistent approach to freedom of expression. 

The 2nd video features Jack Clements from the Facebook Content team. Jack explains that they are typically faced with difficult decisions as they need to balance content moderation and freedom of expression. The spectrum makes them unsure if it is right for Facebook as a private corporation to dictate the boundaries of what they are doing. So, an improved regulation of Section 230 (The Communication Decency Act) can give Facebook and broader industries better guidance.

Each video shows both Rochelle and Jack holding pictures of their family. It aims to highlight the human side of 40,000 staff upholding Facebook’s safety and security.

Facebook calls for improved social media regulations on 14 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Facebook calls for improved social media regulations, it gives markets better ways for brand messaging and campaign creation with more defined social media regulations among governments.

Reference: https://mediacow.tv/2021/10/14/facebook-launches-new-video-ad-campaign-calling-for-improved-social-media-regulation/

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