Bringing Ads to Explore, Instagram’s Discovery Destination

The Explore Tab on Instagram is a feature that allows people to access different content from creators, influencers, and users. Instagram reports that over 50% of all accounts on the platform are active monthly.

Bringing Ads to Explore, Instagram’s Discovery Destination
Source: Instagram

Ads on the Explore Tab

Instagram business head Jim Squires says the Explore tab consists of tailored content for users to check.

Recently, 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts. The use of the Explore tab will give users a chance to find other products and services. Since many discover new brands, products, and services on the Explore Tab, Instagram announced that it will introduce Ads over the course of the next few months.

Implications for Brand Managers

Brands will benefit from the new addition of Ads, which can attract new customers to their company. More exposure for brands would mean more recognition for the brand itself. On their blog post, Instagram says advertisers may avail of an “automatic placement”, which can be done with an opt-in feature. Additionally, the video and photo-sharing app aims brands can capture more valuable customers through advertisements in Explore.

In the end, users have control over the ads they see on their feed, according to Instagram. Currently, brands have an opportunity to advertise through video and photo or even through a carousel method. Stories and collections can also feature advertisements. The addition of the Explore tab can enhance a brand’s campaign in targeting new customers.

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