Twitter Tests Full Image Display and 4k Resolution

Full Image Display

Twitter has been testing new features and tools in the past few months. Among them are audio recordings on DM, the Shop button on Twitter cards, and undoing tweets. The platform has also been testing integrated Spaces features and the Super Follow option. Its latest move is an enhancement in displaying tweeted images. Twitter tests full image display and 4k resolution.

, Twitter Tests Full Image Display and 4k Resolution

Currently, a tweeted image shows as cropped with an “open for a surprise” approach. This is because the image does not display completely. This approach challenges users to find creative ways on how to make the best of the cropping process. The test format will now be showing a tweeted image in full. Any single image on a tweet in standard aspect ratio will now appear uncropped on Twitter feeds. Over-tall or over-wide images will still be cropped. Users can see the image view via the tweet composer before tweeting it. 

Twitter is also testing ways to upload 4k images. This high-quality image preference can be set under the “Data Usage” setting of those under the test pool. They can choose to both displays and upload high-quality images below the data saver option. The test for both full image and 4k resolution applies to selected Android and iOS users.

Twitter tests full image display and 4k resolution as of 10 March 2021


Twitter’s latest test on images aims to make them better and bigger. It is only limited to a single image upload. But it may present a systematic improvement. Marketers can benefit from such an option by showcasing a new or top product via tweet. Using creativity to highlight unique features on the whole image can be a great way to convert and engage the Twitter nation.


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