Twitter Tests Audio Recording on DMs

Twitter is in the race to enhance its features and tools. Besides several acquisitions, the platform is recently uplifting audio messages. It rolled out audio tweets and tested audio spaces. It also acquired the Breaker to power Spaces, a room for audio discussions. Today, Twitter tests audio recording on DMs.

Twitter Tests Audio Recording on DMs

Since August 2020, Twitter is already working on the possibility to send audio messages via Twitter’s direct-messaging (DM). Just recently, Twitter is having full live testing of such functionality to users in Brazil, India, and Japan. Twitter users in these three countries will now see a megaphone graphic icon on the right side of their messaging box. By tapping the icon, they can record a message and send it via DM. The audio recording can only be up to 140 seconds in length.

Twitter tests audio recording on DMs by 17 February 2021.


Sending audio recording via DM is another step to improve accessibility on Twitter. Visually-impaired users from the Twitter nation can benefit a lot to connect with others without typing. If your messages are too long to type, you can instead send a voice message. For marketers, this can be a lighter and livelier way to provide customer service. You can record informational audio clips to reply to common queries. Or you can record personal voice messages to answer VIP clients.


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