Snapchat Tests Remix Snap

Recently, Snapchat has been rolling out new tools to augment its users’ experience. After a $3.5 million funding for AR creators, it has since launched bitmoji fashion, event invites, full-body lenses, and sounds tools. To join the bandwagon in mimicking TikTok, it also launched “Spotlights.” These are short video clips that last for 60 seconds. Today, Snapchat tests remix snap.

Snapchat Tests Remix Snap

Remix snap is another option inspired by TikTok which was popularly termed as “duets.” Once a user clicks the snap icon on a Snapchat home screen, 3 options will be showing on the response tool. These are:

  • Remix snap
  • Report snap
  • Send snap

Tapping the remix snap option allows a Snapchatter to record a new video alongside the original video clip. Then, a Snapchatter can send the remix as a reply to the sender of the original video. Senders can choose who can remix their snaps. They can also tag other Snaapchatters to be able to use their clips. Remix snap offers a variety of playback options on how to remix the video clips. Some of the options include a picture in picture, side by side, or top and bottom.

Snapchat tests remix snap as of 25 March 2021.


Remix snap is a solid addition to boosting engagement on Snapchat. For marketers, this can be an option to feature a product video paired with an influencer endorsement. Or brands may record a quick intro of a new product together with its unboxing video. The key to maximizing such remix content is creativity. Marketers should use it to highlight a brand’s value and at the same time encourage engagement.



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