Snapchat Introduces Full-Body Lenses

Messaging is no longer just for sending messages. It’s now being used for group video calls, host celebrations, and live broadcasts. Today, Snapchat introduces full-body lenses. It’s a fun and innovative way to use a messaging app. 

Snapchat Introduces Full-Body Lenses

Snapchat launches 3D body scan lenses, the very first AR tool of its kind. The lenses adjust and respond to the body movements on the screen. It follows the movement of 18 joints in the human body. These 3D lenses work both in the front and rear cameras. Users can add digital characters and costumes to make them more fun. In line with such an update, Snapchat offers a range of virtual Halloween costumes and themes.

Snapchat introduces full-body lenses as of 28 October 2020.


Snapchat’s full-body lenses are a new way to engage in the messaging platform. For marketers, these can be a significant option to revolutionize ads and campaigns. Brands can use them for users to try on a new line of clothing. They can be a fun way to highlight a product’s value. Just like the new ads of Tim Horton, users can turn themselves into a Timbits’ box. The key is applying creativity to better connect and engage your target audience.


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