Maximizing User-Generated Content on Instagram

Instagram marketing at its best means creating visual assets. This is a challenging task as you need to consider a lot of elements. But there’s an easier way to post content that resonates with Instagrammers. That is by reposting content from followers who posted a review, promote a brand, shared brand-relevant content, or tagged a product. These are called user-generated content. Here’s a guide on how to maximize them on Instagram.

Maximizing User-Generated Content on Instagram

Why Use User-Generated Content on Instagram?

UGCs are unpaid content created by people on Instagram. They may be a brand’s follower or a product buyer. 

  • Brands can use user-generated content to fill their marketing calendar gaps. There’s no need to create the content. Instead, you just share it. 
  • User-generated content highlights an objective view of the brand – the customer’s perspective. Sharing these types of content increases a brand’s credibility.

How to Determine a Good UGC for a Brand?

When a content posted by a customer or follower on Instagram matches a brand’s style and tone, it’s a winning UGC. The content a brand must share is something that highlights its benefits, positive aspects, and values. They don’t need to be highly visual. What’s important is their authenticity.

How to Encourage Customers and Followers to Post Great UGCs

Here are some best practices on how to prompt your customers and followers to post brand-related content and share them safely.

  • Encourage the use of brand hashtags and/or @mention.
  • Practice social listening to discover these contents. Choose those that align with a brand’s style and tone. 
  • Request permission from the owner of the post before sharing any UGC.
  • Share UGCs on your Instagram feeds and Stories.


Maximizing user-generated content on Instagram is an effective way to build credibility and increase brand awareness. It allows a brand to get an honest opinion on what matters – the pleasure points and pains of your audiences. 



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