Facebook Launches Social Skills Video Series for Businesses

Calling all social media managers! Facebook launches social skills video series for businesses. Seven of the best social media editors in different industries will share their secrets to success. Social media management is an essential part of the marketing business. It includes advertising, conversion, media planning, and social media posting. The social skills video series will highlight interviews of social media experts on how to boost response, build communities, and maximize engagement. 

The first episode commences on 17 March 2021. It features Sana Javeri Kadri, the CEO, and founder of Diaspora Co. Sana founded the company in 2017 to create a radical vision of the spice trade. Today, Diaspora Co. is a famous direct-to-consumer spice brand. Like many startup founders, Sana wears many hats being the head of sourcing, marketing manager, and social media editor. She spent time experimenting and learning different social media strategies. 

Facebook Launches Social Skills Video Series for Businesses

Sana relayed that when she moved to the US, she only knew two people, her 2 aunts. That is why she is hesitant to start her business. But her determination to market organic spices from small Indian farmers led her to build a Shop on Instagram. Here. She initially gained 300 followers who listen to her about the origin of each spice. Later, she learned that what her followers wanted were ideas and inspirations on how to use the spices. 

The Shops feature of Instagram made Sana tie the business and storytelling elements of their products. She made the brand unique by building a community of consumers and farmers. Most of Diaspora’s Instagram posts revolve around articles that speak about the company culture and cookbook recommendations. From there, they have made the brand an obsession marketing the products successfully. One successful campaign they made is the Diaspora Kitchen. Here, they invited around 40 of their community members to cook and share recipes with them using their spices. It was their organic way of reaching out to food bloggers, recipe testers, and shops. The campaign that ran for 4 weeks was really fun and showed amazing results in the business. 


Facebook social skills video series for business is a great way to learn how to improve our social media management skills. For marketers, this is something to watch and spend time learning. Among Sana’s tips on social media marketing are:

  • Investing in brand visuals. Work with amazing photographers who can make your products stand out.
  • Know your audience. The engagement should be on both sides. Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to ask what your community wants.
  • Monetize your stories through Facebook and Instagram Shops. The key to successful social media marketing is to gather more engagement to convert them into sales.

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