Bernie Wong與香港大學MBA學生就開展全渠道營銷活動進行演講

2020年7月25日,Social Stand Limited的創辦人 Bernie Wong應邀在香港大學做演講嘉賓。香港大學提供稱為「商務諮詢實習」的六單元體驗學習課程,該課程是針對香港大學商學院學生的免費選修課程。

Students are given the opportunity to listen to seasoned professionals on the ins and outs of the business field. Bernie gave a presentation titled “Go Beyond Social Media, How Integrated Marketing Campaigns Work”. According to Bernie, when it comes to digital marketing, it’s not just about the channel or the type of technology that is used to display content. It’s actually all about the story brands tell. He then gave some examples of brands he has personally worked with and how he was able to collaborate with them and develop their stories.

By doing this, a brand’s marketing efforts become incredibly effective. Bernie closed the talk by encouraging students to never stop learning.

If you want to learn more about how to create effective and efficient 營銷策略, check out:

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