Twitter Rolls Out “Tweet Composer”

Tweet Composer, Twitter Rolls Out “Tweet Composer”

Today, Twitter rolls out “tweet composer.” The update enables saving tweet drafts and native tweet scheduling. The platform is working on it since 27 August 2019, and now it’s fully rolling out the following changes on Twitter desktop.

Tweet Composer, Twitter Rolls Out “Tweet Composer”
  • Users can save unsent tweets by clicking the X button at the upper left-hand corner of the tweet composer and choosing the save option;
  • Tap the unsent tweet button to access saved tweets. Users can only access saved tweets on desktop and mobile websites;
  • Schedule tweets by tapping the small calendar icon on the composer bar and choose the exact time and date of publication.

Twitter rolls out tweet composer on desktop as of 29 May 2020. Hopefully, it will be available to Android and iOS apps sooner.

Implications for Marketers:

Tweet composer can be a great campaign tool for marketers. There’s no need to worry about targeting a specific time zone. One can schedule tweet campaigns in the wee hours of the evening or on a weekend without the need to do it manually. Marketers can also spread out tweets in different schedules to test which time tweets gain more tractions.


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