Simplified Features for Campaign Management on Facebook

On 30 July 2019, Facebook has revealed the updates on its Ads and Business Manager features. Announced earlier in the year, it helps advertisers build ads, analyze reports and manage Facebook assets faster. The new updates improved the use of the Business Manager application, introduced Business Assets Groups, and established a Partners section.
Facebook’s new Business Manager design and navigation create a faster and more effective way to manage assets and permissions. Moreover, Facebook integrated two new tools in its design: a shortcut tool that provides suggestions based on previous activities; and an ad creation tool, which will immediately direct the user to the Ads Manager for ad building.

Simplified Features for Campaign Management on Facebook
Source: Facebook

The social media site has also introduced Business Asset Groups, which manages employee access on the assets of the brand’s page. Assets include people and advertising accounts. A page admin or manager can use the new tool to give permission to different users and allow employees to access the Business Manager easier.
Lastly, to ease up management in business partnerships, a dedicated partner’s section was made available. The page admin can appoint a partner on the application, oversee all the partners of the brand, and allow access of assets for the partner. The new section organizes all partner activities and shared assets.
Simplified Features for Campaign Management on Facebook
Source: Facebook

Through the new designs and navigation, Facebook sees to it that they are helping businesses manage their assets and attain their business objectives.
Implications for Brand Marketers
Marketers that work with different brands can finally organize their assets and all other deliverables in one application. With the ease of use, brand marketers can publish ads faster. In addition, marketers can collaborate with partners and share assets together.

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