Facebook Updates Reporting Tools for Advertisers

On 6 Dec 2019, Facebook updated new ad reporting tools that can help advertisers understand ad performance and conversion paths.
One of their first updates refers to cross-account reporting, which can guide advertisers in learning about their ad performance, improving their advertising approach, and understanding their target audience.

Facebook Updates Reporting Tools for Advertisers
Source: Facebook

Through the cross-account reporting, advertisers can see the following metrics:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Conversions

The feature allows advertisers to view all the aforementioned performance metrics and expedite report creation.
Additionally, Facebook also introduced the custom metrics feature, which allows advertisers to personalize metrics important to them.
The second of the major updates is about conversion paths.
The conversion paths feature was introduced earlier in the year. Conversion Paths is a publisher-level feature that allows advertisers to know which platforms their customers converted. However, it wasn’t easy for advertisers to learn which platforms it came from.
The new update gives them insight through Conversion Paths reporting. They get an idea of where publishers usually post ads and learn how they can reach their audiences more effectively.
Implications for Brands
It’s best that brands coordinate with their media-buy or advertising team to reach their target audience on Facebook more effectively. Through the new reporting tools, brands can decide if their ads are performing well.

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