Facebook Launches a Video Series on Product Development

Facebook aims to help creators and publishers better connect with their community. Its Creator Studio has been working hard to provide innovative features and tools. Last 20 February 2020, they launched the Creator Studio App, a complementing feature for Android and iOS. On 21 May 2020, they added post creation on the said app. This allows users to create and publish content using the mobile app. To further help users understand their tools, Facebook launches a video series on product development. 

The first of a series is an interview hosted by Jeff Birkeland, Facebook’s Head of Creator & Publisher Experience. The title of the video is Creator Studio App + Publishing on the Go with Jen. Jen Lee is Facebook’s Product Marketing Manager of Creator Studio. The video was published on Facebook Media Page. It’s about why users should go for the Creator Studio app and what it’s for. Jen enumerates the benefits of the app:

  • Create and publish content from scratch using a mobile phone.
  • Control posting as a Page not as a profile to avoid an error.
  • Convenience toggling a house of features like comments, insights, and messages in a consolidated package.
  • Access specific video metadata features like description, title, and thumbnails on your mobile app.
  • Flexibility to schedule content in advance.

Jen also mentions that their team is working on more innovations for Facebook Live and the integration of the app with Instagram. 

Facebook launches the video series on product development on 05 August 2020. They will be publishing a weekly video on how their team builds up creative tools. 

Implications for Marketers

This Facebook’s video series on product development gives insights about the Creator Studio App. It helps marketers discover the convenience and features of the app. Creator Studio is a freehub to manage the Page content. Instead of using third-party tools, marketers can use this native tool to create deeper and richer video insights. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-launches-new-video-interview-series-to-share-more-insight-into-its/583016/

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