Facebook Introduce New Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

Facebook announced on 20 November 2019 several updates that were rolled out to provide a safe environment for users and advertisers. The social media company presented the updates in terms of three main points:

  • create a safe and welcoming community;
  • maintain high-quality content, publishers and ads;
  • and collaborate with the industry.

Facebook Introduce New Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers
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Preventing harmful content from being posted is the best means to create a safe and welcoming community. Facebook does this by enforcing the Community Standards with people and technology to identify fake accounts and prevent harmful content from being published. All the safety efforts are regularly released in the Community Standards Enforcement Report to track progress and for transparency.
To maintain a high-quality ecosystem, additional policies are applied to hold publishers, creators, and advertisers accountable. At the same time, some businesses may want additional control in which pages and groups their ads appear. As such, advertisers are given more transparency and tools for their brand. Some of the safety updates are: a one-stop feature in Business Manager or Ads Manager to create blocklists, get improved delivery reports, and set account-level inventory filters. Facebook is also partnering with brand safety partners to ensure safety controls and tools are working and to provide whitelisting tools. The Publisher White Lists are already being tested for Audience Network and in-stream ads on Facebook with select advertisers which will be expanded next year.
Finally, collaborating with industry partners aims to share knowledge, build consensus, and work towards making online platforms safer for businesses. Facebook completed JICWEBS’ Digital Trading Standards Group’s Brand Safety audit, and received an IAB UK Gold Standard. The social media company is also actively working with the World Federation of Advertiser’s Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to create a more sustainable and responsible digital ecosystem.
Facebook is moving forward in making social media safe. The company will continue to work with the industry, enlist expertise, and invest in the technology, tools, and advancement all in the hopes to provide a better platform for everyone.
Implications for Brand Marketers
The new tools provided for brands to control ad placements and to create blocklists and white lists should be helpful not only for brand safety but to ensure ads reach the audience intended. Additionally, ensuring brand safety is part of the branding and will reflect the brands intentions.

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