Facebook Creator Studio Introduces the Video Details Explorer

To help businesses and brands maximize their Facebook content, its product development team has been posting insights and updates in the last few months. They added post creation on Creator Studio last 21 May 2020. In August 2020, they launched a video series about the Creator Studio app, Live Broadcast, Live Producer, and Music Library. Recently, Facebook Creator Studio introduces the new Video Details Explorer.

The Video Details Explorer is a Creator Studio tool that displays insights, and key analytics about an upload. By clicking a video thumbnail or going to the content library, you’ll see a performance summary of the video including:

  • audience demographics shows the age, gender, and regions of the viewers;
  • audience retention stats display the part where the number of viewers peak or drop;
  • average view time shows the duration a video has been viewed;
  • comments and reactions display which videos perform well and have negative feedbacks. As such, Creators will make better videos by retaining what works and removing what didn’t;
  • comparison with other uploads shows the engagement of all videos uploaded in a Page;
  • how a video performed per hour help Creators know the viewers’ preferable time to watch;
  • how people discover the video guides Pages if followers, recommendations, or shares are effective.

Live Video performances can also be viewed through the Video Details Explorer. Overall performance can help you decide what factors make a video perform better than the others.

Facebook Creator Studio introduces the Video Details Explorer on 17 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The Video Details Explorer is a redesigned surface to make it easier and efficient for Creators to see their video performances. Marketers should focus on learning these full insights if they wish to launch a video marketing strategy on Facebook. It will guide them on how to maximize video content. 

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/fbmedia/videos/755309881976897/


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