Facebook Creates New Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

During the small business week, Facebook added new features to boost small-medium businesses (SMBs) to promote their products or services. Facebook created new features to help SMBs focus more on their businesses’ growth.

Automated Ads

The idea of automated ads will give businesses an advertising plan. The tools can even use existing photos that will allow business owners to choose which ones could be used for promotion.

Appointment Bookings

The free tool can facilitate appointments on the app, customer information, and reminders, which can be done through the phone. Facebook believes that with this free tool, business owners can free up more time to do other things.

Video Creative Tools

Facebook added new tools to its Video Creation Kit. The Video Creation Kit serves to help SMBs to customize ads, which the company can use for promotional purposes.

Facebook aims to help businesses with their tools to ensure long-term business growth.

The social media site also offers Boost with Facebook, which could further educate and inform SMBs to receive tutorials on how to use Facebook tools.

Implications for Brand Marketers

Brand marketers in SMBs can choose to advertise products that provide value and would need more promotion. Up and coming SMBs can use Facebook to market their products first, which already has free tools that would enable more marketing in the social media site.

Brand marketers may not have difficulty in using outsourced tools since Facebook provides them for SMBs in need of help to promote their products or services. As Facebook says, it will give SMBs more time to focus on growth and development.

Source: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019/05/national-small-business-week-gets-a-boost-in-dc/

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