Facebook Connects Wikipedia in Search Boxes

Facebook with Wikipedia

To provide better contextual insights, Facebook connects Wikipedia in search boxes. Matt Navarra tweeted that Facebook shows a Wikipedia snippet on its search results as of 9 June 2020. The tweet’s photo showed a new panel display for Wikipedia on JC Van Zijl‘s search result on Facebook. It includes Trump’s biography and a link to his official Instagram account.

Facebook Connects Wikipedia in Search Boxes

Such an update highlights the user’s second guess when searching for information on Facebook. Most of these searches include famous people and trending topics. By providing Wikipedia links, users can have access to more credible info from reputable sources.

To date, Wikipedia appears in search results from some users in Europe. Facebook has yet to announce if it will be available to users all over the world.

Implications for Marketers:

Wikipedia in search boxes works like Google’s knowledge panel. Being a preferred source of information makes one rank on the search results. This may be a good platform for digital marketing. Marketers need to target associating brands on keywords where they give the most value to their target audience. In this way, they’ll rank higher and get the chance of being discovered by more Facebook users.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-adds-wikipedia-knowledge-boxes-in-search-results/579510/

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