Facebook Brings Back Messenger Polls

Messenger Polls, Facebook Brings Back Messenger Polls

Online polls make it easy to share people’s opinions through voting. On 23 September 2016, Facebook added Messenger polls to group chats. But such a feature was removed because of Project Lightspeed.  As of 21 May 2020, Facebook brings back Messenger polls to help users coordinate a virtual plan amidst the COVID-`19 crisis. 

Messenger Polls, Facebook Brings Back Messenger Polls
Facebook Messenger

The new poll features an updated vote button and cool colors. To create a poll:

  • Go to a group chat with more than 2 people. 
  • Tap “select polls.” 
  • Type a question.
  • Choose between options. 
  • Click submit.

The update is available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook polls can help businesses get to know their audience. They’re an awesome way to build relationships. It’s a way to show that brands care about their opinions. Marketers need to make sure that what they’re polling is relevant. Try to make them eye-catching using images or moving graphics. After the poll, feedbacks can help to make key decisions about products and services or the business in general. 

Reference: https://messengernews.fb.com/2020/05/21/we-voted-yes-polls-now-back-in-messenger/

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