Twitter Rolls Out Audio Messaging to Selected Users

Twitter has been introducing new ways to improve users’ experiences. The platform rolled out chat windows on 26 May 2020. It also introduced audio clips on 18 June 2020. Today, Twitter rolls out audio messaging to selected users.

Twitter Rolls Out Audio Messaging to Selected Users

The update allows users to record and send audio clips through direct messaging (DM) on Twitter. As per Matt Navarra’s tweet, the feature is under beta in Brazil. It also shows that sending a DM on Twitter displays the user’s location. For now, the audio messaging limit is around 140 seconds. This is the same as a regular audio clip tweet.


Twitter audio messaging adds more inclusivity to the Twitter nation. This is another way for the visually-impaired to connect with other users. For marketers, it’s a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience. Brands can use them to promote a new product or upcoming event with a voice teaser. It can also add another market to consider – the visually impaired. Better yet, they can focus on a new line of products and services for them. 


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