Twitter Releases New Insights on Holiday Trends

We are already halfway through November, which means Christmas is just right around the corner.  Brands need to make sure that they have their holiday marketing strategies intact and use the holiday season to reconnect with their customers after a rough year. In line with this, on 10 November 2020, Twitter released a few infographics indicating the key trends across Twitter, which could help brandsmarketers alike gain further insight into current and emerging consumer trends and habits.

Twitter Releases New Insights on Holiday Trends

According to Twitter:

“People are determined to make the holidays special. So, let’s unwrap the talk on Twitter and see what they’re planning. And what they need from brands… After a long 2020, people are seeing holiday conversation in their timelines like never before. From gifts to virtual get-togethers, everyone’s craving the warm vibes the season brings… 60% of people on Twitter expect this year’s holiday routines to change.2 And while some will eventually return to normal, this is a rare chance for brands to help create new traditions.


Brands and marketers can use these trends to listen to what consumers have to say and implement them in their 營銷策略 for the holiday season. As consumers are currently looking for gifts to give to their loved ones for Christmas, brands could look into what exactly consumers are looking for when it comes to giving the “perfect gift”. 


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