The First Batch of Facebook Accelerator: Community Program

Facebook has been offering online learning tools to help brands and businesses. In May 2020, Facebook Blueprint offered 14 e-Commerce courses. In August 2020, Creator Studio launched video series on product development. This was followed by a course on how to create stand-out content. This November, Facebook announces the first batch of Facebook Accelerator: Community Program.

Facebook Accelerator: Community Program is a 12-week program to help startups scale their businesses by maximizing Internet Connectivity. These include industry experts’ insights, industry-oriented training, and virtual 1-on-1 mentorship.

The 1st Batch of Cohorts

Among the 20 companies included in the first batch of cohorts are:

  1. BandwidthX Inc. – offers cloud services for mobile networks.
  2. Bridgefy – makes mobile apps work without the internet.
  3. Cirrus360 – a toolchain helping telecom operators build multi-vendor infrastructure.
  4. Clear Blue Technologies – a smart off-the-grid company delivering efficient and low-cost wireless power.
  5. Connecting Company – offers a self-sustaining system to bring rural communities an accessible quality internet.
  6. Crunch Mediaworks – provides a revolutionary video optimizer to power modern-day videos.
  7. eino – a platform for 5G capital decision making and planning.
  8. Equal Access Santa Cruz – aims to build equal education by bringing high-speed internet to Santa Cruz County.
  9. FreedomFi – an open software 5G network.
  10. Galgus – WiFi technology for vertical markets.
  11. GenXComm, Inc. – the next revolution in 5G/LTE technology.
  12. Metawave Corporation – builder of the 1st analog beam-steering radar system.
  13. NetExperience – an open WiFi software platform.
  14. Netwey – a Mexican prepaid internet provider.
  15. Plexus Controls Inc. – drone, robotic, and wireless sensor manufacturer.
  16. Plumeria Networks Inc., a venture-backed developer of new wireless technologies.
  17. Radio Innovation, delivers affordable mobile internet.
  18. Robin, a cloud-native mobile infrastructure and solutions.
  19. Tanaza, a cloud-based WiFi platform.
  20. Whitestack – a global cloud infrastructure operator.

The first batch of Facebook Accelerator: Community Program officially kicks off on 10 November 2020.


Facebook Accelerator: Community Program aims to help brands and businesses scale by maximizing Internet Connectivity. Through online connections, they’ll receive expert insights, industry-based training, and 1-on-1 mentorship. Marketers should keep a close watch on the program to learn new techniques in their Facebook strategy. By keeping an eye on new technologies and trends on Facebook, they can scale their ads and campaigns effectively.


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