LinkedIn Publishes a New Guide to Content Marketing

LinkedIn Guide to Content Marketing

Brands face a new challenge because of the changing consumer focus. For LinkedIn, the pandemic is an opportunity to make a real difference. They first gathered tips and advice from industry experts. And now, LinkedIn publishes a new guide to content marketing. The guide can help brands during these challenging times.

LinkedIn Publishes a New Guide to Content Marketing

LinkedIn’s new guide to content marketing can help brands navigate forward in times of uncertainty. Such can be done by revisiting and optimizing the content strategy. First, they laid out the present marketing situation. In 2019, 54% of businesses focus on hosting more events. But now, 78% are shifting to online content. For 52% of them, it was their biggest challenge. This is the reason why content marketing is as important as ever.

LinkedIn suggests refocusing content on helping your audience recover from the recent crisis. Here are 3 lessons on how to do so:

  • Build trust by keeping your content informative and helpful  to the audience;
  • Take advantage of the urgency of consumers needs through short-term activation tactics;
  • Be more active online by posting relevant content. It also helps to add generosity, humanity, and humor to your messages.

The switch on this update is to focus more on organic posting.  Besides being free, they appeal more to the audience in these trying times. In the long run, brands can integrate organic and paid marketing to drive growth. One thing is for sure, when you extend help to your audience, they’ll also help you.

The new guide to content marketing is available in LinkedIn’s Marketing Solution as of 10 June 2020.


LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to leverage content marketing. It’s a hub for promoting business-related content. The platform may not give brands the largest exposure. But it can provide a valuable endorsement from industry experts and influencers. Marketers should consider the tips given on the new guide to content marketing.  In these times of uncertainty, LinkedIn can be a platform to highlight your valuable content. By giving more importance to organic posting, you’ll get the same conversion result with huge savings. Just make sure your post is relevant and valuable. It’s because most LinkedIn users are industry experts and professionals. Once you’re successful to add value to your content, they’ll serve as influencers to promote awareness of your brand.


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