LinkedIn Launches Virtual Events Solutions


Today, people are moving from in-person events to online conferences. To support businesses, LinkedIn launches Virtual Events Solutions, an integration of its Live Broadcast and Events.  

LinkedIn Launches Virtual Events Solutions

The merge enables the following:

  • An Event’s host can announce a Live Broadcast on a Page or Event feed. 
  • Virtual Events can also be shared through a direct invite to first-degree connections.
  • The host can broadcast the live stream to a Page. As such, the virtual event will be visible to the event’s attendees ad Page followers.
  • The Live Broadcast can be saved on the Page’s Video tab.

LinkedIn’s Virtual Events Solutions start rolling out on 12 May 2020. It will be available to global users both on desktop and mobile. 


LinkedIn’s Virtual Events Solutions can help brands get more mileage from their online events. Marketers can create a buzz by posting key points about the event on a Page or Event feed. As LinkedIn Live sees 24X more comments and 7X more reactions than recorded videos, having it on a brand’s Page or Events can drive more real-time engagement. Such is an opportunity to get sales. And once the Live Broadcast is saved on the Page’s Video tab, members of the community can have it as a reference in searching for products and services. 


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