Instagram is Working on Vertical Stories

In August 2016, Instagram launched Stories. They are ephemeral photos or videos that disappear in 24-hours after posting. Today, nearly 1.7 billion Instagrammers use Stories daily. This is why the platform is continuously updating the features and functions in such a popular content format. It rolled out chat stickers, shop tags, story maps, and timer listing. Today, Instagram is working on vertical stories.

In Alessandro Paluzzi’s tweet dated 02 February 2021, the mobile developer noted that Instagram is working on vertical stories. Such a function allows users to browse old and new Stories by swiping up and down. Vertical stories use the same UI as TikTok. It makes sense to use the same on Instagram to make it easier for users to browse Stories.

Instagram is Working on Vertical Stories

Instagram is working on vertical stories as of 03 February 2021. Users are awaiting an official announcement on the platform about when it will officially be rolled out.


Enabling vertical stories makes it easier for Instagrammers to browse both the old and new Stories published on the platform. For marketers, this can boost the visibility of a brand’s story-type content. Around one-third of the most viewed Stories on the platform are from businesses. Incorporating TikTok-like features in it can encourage more engagement.



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