Instagram Extends Its Live Streaming Limit

Video streaming is on the rise. They are new ways for people to collaborate and connect online. Instagram has been rolling out new features related to videos. The platform launched IGTV updates, Live Shopping, and Reels. Today, Instagram extends its Live Streaming limit.

Instagram Extends Its Live Streaming Limit

Instagrammers can now go live for up to 4 hours instead of just 60 minutes. That’s 4x of uninterrupted Live Streaming. 

Instagrammers can also save their Live Streams in an archive folder for 30 days. This give allows users to reshare the streamed content. It also gives them enough time to decide if they want to save it permanently. 

A “Live Now” and “Explore” sections will now be visible on IGTV. This can boost the discovery of streamed content.

Instagram extends its Live Streaming limit on 27 October 2020.


Marketers can take advantage of the extended limit for Instagram Live Streaming. It can be a new option to host online events. It may also be a medium to launched new campaigns and promotions. As they can now be archived for 30 days, marketers can use the streamed content for retargeting. It can also increase brand awareness once featured in the “Explore” tab of Instagrammers with relevant interests. 


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