Facebook Took Steps to Improve the Quality of Comments People See on Public Posts

Facebook optimized its comments section to feature more meaningful posts. The social media company announced its new ranking updates. It aims to ensure that an individual or a brand’s (Pages) comments on a post are high-quality and relevant.

The company released the criteria of four signals to help a user’s comment rank higher or lower.

Facebook Took Steps to Improve the Quality of Comments People See on Public Posts
Original Source: Facebook

Integrity Signals

The first one involves integrity, which takes into consideration other users’ need to engage with authentic comments. Other considerations for integrity include baiting to further enable authenticity and quality on all the posts.

Comments that show no integrity could be deleted because it does not adhere to the platform’s Community Standards.

User Survey Signals

The second and third signals considers its users.

The second one makes use of surveys. The social media company asked its users on what users want to see on the comments section. From there, Facebook can assess how it will rank its comments.

User Interaction Signals

The third signal relates to the interactions from its users such as like and reactions. It will help identify which content would be the most relevant for the users.

Original Publisher Signals

Finally, the fourth signal involves the poster or the publisher of the post.

Comment moderation is available for individuals by deleting or hiding the comments. On the other hand, people with many followers and Pages need not to moderate since default ranking is available and may turn off the feature if they choose to do so.

People with less followers and with less engagement may go to their Settings page to test out the ranking feature.

The social media company aims to ensure that quality and authentic comments would have authority when a comment has interactions from the publisher or the Page and if the original poster is a friend of the commenter.

Other signals are in effect to ensure that low-quality comments will not be featured.

Implications for Brands

Brands can engage with customers better, which would help in producing high-quality user generated content and enhance post visibility for further reach with target audience.

Original Source:
https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019 06/making-public-comments-more-meaningful/ h

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