Facebook Introduces a New App for Live Events Called Venue


We are now transforming to the new normal. There are restrictions imposed on group gatherings to prevent a second influx of the COVID-19.  It’s also noted that consumers are settling into comfortable digital experiences. Today, Facebook introduces a new app for live events called Venue. This is part of the platform’s effort to enhance real-time digital engagement.

Facebook Introduces a New App for Live Events Called Venue

On 20 January 2016, Facebook launched Sports Stadium – a specific hub for sports events. Such a move is an attempt to steal engagement from Twitter.  To speed up the challenge, the NPE Team develops Venue – an app that connects digital hosting and real-time events.  The app allows experts to share an interactive second screen. The second screen allows users to connect and engage while the event is going on.

First off, Facebook will provide selected personalities to host their own venue within the app. As the live event is going on, the hosts can create “Moments. ”  These are short digital opportunities including chats, comments, questions, and polls. Moments alert guests to note something interesting that’s happening at the event. The alerts allow the guests to hop in and out as they want to. Thus, they can split their attention between the event and multitask on their phones. They also have the option to choose which group they want to share their passion with.

Facebook introduces Venue for Android and iOS in the United States effective 29 May 2020. NASCAR test drives Venue on its 31 May 2020 race hosted by Nascarcasm.


The Venue app is a better companion for live viewing. It’s a new way for Facebook to engage with audiences of live events. It can even be the next niche of behavior for online users. For marketers, the app can be used to appeal to their target audience seeking digital alternatives to events. Brands can live stream a physical event or create a virtual one to showcase new products and services. Such can build recognition and widen the client’s circle. Also, utilizing moments in Venue can create a meaningful interaction that no other marketing type can give.

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