Facebook 廣告系統的錯誤導致多個賬戶的大量超支

Facebook Ad System's 錯誤導致多個賬戶嚴重超支

It was all fun and enjoyable when Facebook added a new group option to let users be moderators a few months ago. Now, numerous businesses have reported significant overspending on their Facebook advertising accounts due to an error in the social media giant’s advertising system. The problem was first reported on April 27th, and since then, many businesses have been affected.

According to reports, the error caused some advertisers to be charged for clicks and impressions that were not actually delivered, resulting in overspending of up to 25% of their budget. Facebook has since confirmed the issue and stated that they are working to address it as soon as possible.

In a statement released on April 28th, Facebook acknowledged the error and apologized for any inconvenience caused to affected advertisers. They also stated that they have identified the root cause of the problem and are implementing a fix.

Facebook has advised affected advertisers to monitor their ad spending and performance carefully and to reach out to their Facebook representative for assistance. They have also stated that they will be providing refunds to affected advertisers in the coming months.

This is not the first time that Facebook’s ad system has encountered issues. In 2019, a bug in the system caused some advertisers to be charged more than their daily budget, resulting in overspending. Facebook apologized for the issue and refunded affected advertisers.

While Facebook has acknowledged the current error and is working to fix it, this serves as a reminder for businesses to monitor their ad spending and performance regularly. It is also crucial for businesses to have a contingency plan in place in case of unexpected issues or errors.

Facebook’s ad system error which resulted in significant ad spending on multiple accounts happened on 2023 年 4 月 23 日.


Advertisers should monitor their ad spending and performance, have a contingency plan, reach out to Facebook for assistance, and keep an eye on refunds. Marketers should regularly monitor ad performance, have a contingency plan, and seek assistance if issues arise.

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